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Born in Miharu Town, Fukushima Prefecture in 1949.
He started working in the picture book and fairy tale production industry while being involved in animation production at Tezuka Osamu's Mushi Production. He will present many heartwarming works such as the art background of "Once upon a time in Japan" on Tokyo Broadcasting System Television. While producing oil paintings, he is also active in picture books, illustrations, and bindings.

His major works include "Gorilla Panya-san," "Unforgettable Japanese Song," and "Icicle Boya." He occasionally holds "Message of the Heart" exhibitions at museums and cultural museums.

His works, which expressively portray the animals close to him from a unique perspective, and are full of poetic sentiment with warm, rich, and sometimes lovely expressions, attract many fans. He also produces landscape paintings for Europe and Japan. He volunteers by providing pictures on the cards of the Japan Animal Welfare Association and the UNICEF Association.

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