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We have created a high-quality reproduction as Smeier SMIRE: Special Mini Reproduction with an easy-to-decorate size that matches the size of the living space and an affordable price.


This box set contains all the works released as SMIRE in the past, 42 writers, and 113 artworks.
produce and publish high quality reproductions at a more affordable price as the Smire, Special Mini Reproduction, series.

This box set contains all the works released as SMIRE in the past, 42 writers, and 113 artworks. Regarding print quality, we pursued a printing technique that can be most faithfully expressed in the original work with the cooperation of the official workshops of artists in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and France. Printing techniques include silk screen, collotype, and machine-printed lithographs, which are printed on high-quality paper such as Arche.
The reproducibility from the original image is high, and the durability of coloring is also excellent.

The list of  the artists

Josef Albers
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Georges Braque
Andre Brasilier
Bernard Buffet
Alexander Calder
Carlo Carra
Marc Chagall
Jean Cocteau
Willem de Kooning
Robert Delaunay
Sonia Delaunay
Richard Diebenkorn
Jean Dubuffet
Sam Francis
Terry Frost
Arshile Gorky
Adolph Gottlieb
Keith Haring
Marsden Hartley


Jasper Johns
Wassily Kandinsky
Paul Klee
Franz Kline
Henri Matisse
Joan Miro
Amedeo Modigliani
Piet Mondrian
Robert Motherwell
A.R. Penck
Pablo Picasso
Jackson Pollock
Robert Rauschenberg
Man Ray
Mark Rothko
Henri Rousseau
Egon Schiele
Clyfford Still
Jean Tinguely
Kees Van Dongen
Andy Warhol


About the attached paulownia box for storage

SMIRE's box set comes in a paulownia box, which has been used to store important things since ancient times in Japan.

Paulownia is an excellent material that not only has high airtightness and keeps the humidity inside properly, but also has antiseptic and insect repellent effects.The paulownia box, which has the function of keeping the internal environment constant, is indispensable because Japan is hot and humid and the temperature changes depending on the four seasons.

The paulownia box has played a role of inheriting the heirloom of each household from generation to generation and carefully passing it on to the next generation, without altering valuable items and sometimes protecting them from the sparks of fire.

At museums, shrines and temples, paulownia boxes protect many Japanese treasures, including national treasures and important cultural properties.


This precious box set is a collection of precious works. Please take this opportunity to purchase it.

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