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Born in Tokyo in 1937.
Graduated from Tama Art University in 1961.
Participated in the establishment of a design studio after working in the advertising department of Mitsukoshi Department Store.
During that time, he began to make beam paintings using traditional Japanese paper. He has exhibited many "Washi paintings" at solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and exhibitions held by painting groups.

Received numerous awards such as the Japan Washi Painting Exhibition Grand Prize, the Contemporary Children's Painting Exhibition Grand Prize, and the National Tourism Poster Contest Exhibition Silver Award.

In addition to the insert images of the NHK New Year program <Kokoro no Uta>, he is involved in a wide range of magazines and book bindings. The quarterly magazine "Cover of Lyric Literature", "Four Seasons of Furusato" and "Seasonal Song" calendars have been life work for more than 30 years.

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