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In 1982, she was selected for the first time at the 7th Contemporary Children's Painting Exhibition, and has been exhibited every year since then.

Received the New Face Award at the 8th Contemporary Children's Painting Exhibition in 1983.

1985 Received the 10th Anniversary Award at the 10th Contemporary Children's Painting Exhibition.

1987 Received the Member Honorable Mention Award at the 13th Contemporary Children's Painting Exhibition. Received the Prefectural Assembly Chairman's Award at the 13th Yokohama Rotarian Exhibition.

1993 Received the Japan Modern Naive Art Award at the 19th Japan Modern Naive Art Exhibition.

1997 Received the Mainichi Newspaper Award at the 23rd Contemporary Children's Painting Exhibition.


Currently, she is a standing member of the Japan Modern Naive Art Society. She has been a cat lover since she was little, so she naturally began to paint cats. There are always cats and dogs around her to help her draw what she likes.

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