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André Brasilier
1929 -    

He is an artist whose French flair is very much liked by people, who are good at free and poeticexpression, making full use of soft forms and clear colors. The image of his graceful andtranquil art work leaves a strong impression on the viewer, and the clear color expression makespeople's hearts calm, and his sense of poetic expression impresses people. Brasilier continuesto live in Paris, France.

Born in Saumur, France in 1929. 1949 Studied at Brianchon's atelier in École des Beaux-Arts, France.

1952 Received the Florence Blumenthal Award.  1953, Received the Prix de Rome for painting

Since 1959, he has held regular solo exhibitions in Paris, Geneva and New York.

Received the Charles Moret Award at the Salon de juin Pantur in 1961
1981 Exhibition held in Tokyo. 
In 1984, produced large prints "Snow Riding" and "Blue Pond" at Mori Kobo in Tokyo.

1987 Mosaic painting in Vence, Provence. 1989 Exhibition held in Angers

2004 Exhibition held at Meinault Castle on the shores of Lake Konstanz, Germany

2005 Exhibition held at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

2010 Solo exhibition of 40 of her masterpieces at Chenonceau Castle

2013 Solo exhibition of 30 unpublished works held at Opera Gallery in London, England

Available SMIRE (Special Mini Reproduction) series
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