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Born in Ebisu, Tokyo in 1921.Since he was a boy, he has posted manga and illustrations in newspapers and magazines, and has won many prizes. In 1955, he won the 1st Bungeishunju Manga Award and made his professional debut. The following year, "Weekly Shincho" was launched. At the same time he begins to take charge of the cover painting. For the next 25 years until he passed away, he continued to paint over 1,300 cover paintings for the magazine.

He also leaves many works such as murals, wax dyeing, and picture books. He interacted with special schools such as Nemunoki Gakuen and focused on welfare activities such as teaching painting. His imaginative style, which gazes at the many spectacles that revived in his heart, such as his childhood memories and hometown, with his gentle eyes, continues to fascinate the hearts of many people.


Comment from Rokuro Taniuchi
My painting is a painting that shows what I felt when I was in the closet when I was little and how I felt when I had a fever, in connection with my other experiences. In psychology, I consciously developed a unique method on the picture, such as returning to the mother's womb, homing instinct, and the nuances that appear in the interaction between the infant
feeling and the world as an idea.

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