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Motomu Takayama

Born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1951.

In 1980 he roamed the United States with a camera. After returning to Japan, he started working as a professional photographer. Since 2004, he has photographed the sea, mountains, sky, and plants of each Hawaiian island under the theme of LINO MAKANI (the wind that shines in Hawaiian).He does not use strobes at any time, and presents unique works that are particular about natural light in various fields.


From 2007 to the present, calendars, art posters, postcards, etc. have been sold nationwide.
2009 Published his photo book "LINO MAKANI". He has a series of articles in "Hawaii Style" magazine.
2012 Published a collaboration book "Furakahiko Soul Journey" with Hawaiian charismatic healer Leia Takahashi.


He holds more than 15 photo exhibitions a year, more than 80 times in total, including exhibitions at department store events all over Japan and solo exhibitions at art galleries and art spaces.He continues to take pictures of spiritual Hawaii.

Available Giclee Prints
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