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Yosi draws scenes such as feelings and happiness that are hidden in everyday life or chased by everyday life and appear blurry and difficult to find. The work, which reflects the ideal world that Yosi envisions with an animal motif, invites the viewer to happiness.


Born in Aichi prefecture in 1984.
In 2004, many coincidences overlapped and he started his activities with the intention of becoming a painter. 

Using acrylic paint, he draws gentle expressions and moments of animals and people. His work has fans for a wide range of generations.


Selected for the 2009 Nika Exhibition.

Participated in the 2011 Loft Nagoya 15th Anniversary Art Festival.

Currently, he holds solo exhibitions, special exhibitions, live paintings, etc. several times a year at department stores and galleries nationwide, including his hometown of Nagoya.

Available Giclee Prints
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