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Yoh Shomei

Yoh Shomei was born on July 7, 1946 in Kumamoto City.

Until the age of 18, he spent his time in the center of Kumamoto City near Kumamoto Castle and went on to university in Tokyo. Although he aimed to become a fashion illustrator while attending school, he started making picture books when he happened to see the work of a picture book author of the same generation, Kota Taniuchi. Then, in 1973, he made his debut as a picture book author with the picture book "My Benchi ni Shiroitori".

After that, he was discovered by Mr. Takashi Yanase, the creator of Anpanman, and greatly expanded his field of activity as a "fairy tale author". In addition to stationery such as postcards and letter sets from Sanrio, illustrations were also used for many daily necessities such as towels and western tableware, and landscape paintings depicting beautiful scenes became popular.


After more than 40 years in the painting industry, he continues to release new works as a picture book author. In recent years, "words" that give hints for living a happy and peaceful life have been attracting attention.

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