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Yasuko Yamaoka expresses the world of anthropomorphic cats full of originality with a warm touch. Her copperplate prints, which she began producing around 1994, have already gained tremendous fans with motifs of jazz, cats, women and Paris. In 2000, she started her oil painting on the theme of cats and the landscape of Paris. Her oil paintings and monochrome copperplate paintings in her vibrant colors have gained great popularity.


Born in Kyoto. Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts.

1998 Solo exhibition at Komai House in Kyoto.

1999 Two-person exhibition at Galerie Caprice. Selected for Polish Miniature Print Exhibition.
Solo exhibition at Kita Kamakura Gallery Nest.

2000 Solo exhibition at World View Gallery.

2001 Two-person exhibition Galerie Caprice. Solo exhibition Ginza Brick Gallery

2002 Solo exhibition at Kita Kamakura Gallery Nest, Galerie Caprice, Kashiwagi Gallery.

2003 Solo exhibition at Kashiwagi Gallery, Mitsukoshi Sapporo.

2004 Three-person exhibition at Daimaru Umeda and Kobe Galerie Caprice solo exhibition at Kita Kamakura Gallery Nest.

Since then, many solo exhibitions have been held, mainly in Kobe Daimaru and Tokyo Daimaru.

Available Giclee Prints
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