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Born in Nagoya in 1963. She grew up surrounded by numerous picture books and children's literature. She graduated from Ritsumeikan University College of Social Sciences.
In 1987, she opened the tea shop "Karel Chapek Tea Shop"in Kokubunji, Tokyo.
While she managed the store, plans products, and designs the store's products herself, she had begun to gain popularity as an illustrator and picture book writer with a warm style.


For 15 years after the founding of Karel Chapek Tea Shop, she was devoted to the work of the tea shop, but with the strong recommendation of the editor and the birth of two children, in 2002, She made her debut as a picture book writer with "Pig's Cherry Story".


Since then, she has published many of picture books. Her work has also been translated and published in Taiwan, the United States, France and South Korea.


One of the characteristics of her picture book story is that the characters are eating something or drinking tea. As her illustration work, she often collaborates with companies such as UNIQLO's UT, Shueisha Natsuichi, and Royal Host's kids menu.

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