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Being influenced by the exhibition of the Bologna Children's Book Fair held in Japan when Taniguchi was 20 years old, he started to make picture books by himself.


While majoring in Japanese painting at Kanazawa College of Art, he continued to produce picture books andestablished his current style by taking advantage of the space and color tones of Japanese painting.

In 2004, after debuting as a picture book writer with "Saru-kun and Tsukisama", he published many picture books inFrance and Italy, including "CACHE CACHE" from the French publisher Le petit lezard.Since then, he has expanded his field of activity not only in the world of picture books but also in various media such as TV, magazines, corporate advertisements, product packaging, and store design.


He strives to make picture books so that the reader can easily enter the world of picture books and the thoughts and words of the characters float in the space of the person's imagination.
And he aims to make a picture book that conveys his thoughts and emotions to people all over the world from children to adults, even if they don't understand the language.

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