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Born in Kobe in 1945. 1961 Studied under Hirosuke Betsusha, a watercolor painter. 1962 Kensuikai Encouragement Award.

Since 1999, he has been in charge of the cover picture of JTB "Travel Story". He has held more than 10 solo exhibitions at the Ginza Saegusa Gallery, including the "Sketch Burari Journey" exhibition.
2000 Published "Sketch Burari Journey" from Nissho Publishing.
Since 2002, he has been a lecturer at the Nagoya DUO Sketch Class and a lecturer at the Japan-Italy Association Sketch Class.


2008  Received the Grand Prize at the 8th Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition.
2009 Exhibition of works held in Paris, France
Received the Encouragement Award at the 68th Japan Watercolor Federation Exhibition.

2013 Becomes an associate member of the 72nd Japan Watercolor Federation. 

"I think the paintings tell us what we saw and what moved us at the destination we went on a trip. It goes without saying that each one is different. What I think was the best thing is that the scenery I drew is imprinted on my eyes and I will never forget it. Every time I see a picture, the atmosphere and excitement at that time revives vividly. "

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