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Born in Sapporo, 1977. She learnt design in high school and junior college, and started freelancing as soon as she graduated.The Sato Asami Design Agency was founded in 2007, and with a procedure that oversaw the creation of the design from the artwork to the product stage, she dabbled in many areas encompassing spatial design, package design, business collaborations, and art direction for retail stores.


Since her debut, she developed a keen interest in Textile Design, and after many bouts with silkscreen printing over the years, the textile brand ASENDADA was established. The products are all made with textiles from artisans of domestic printing factories.With its unique intervals and sensibilities, her work has been incorporated into various mediums and spaces, both locally and internationally.


In the summer of 2020, she collaborated with UNIQLO to design textiles for T-shirts and dresses.

Available Giclee Prints
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