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Born in Osaka in 1942. Space producerFrom

1986 to the present, he has continued to study seal carving through cultural exchange with Jilin Province, China.

1991 Established Wami Culture Research Institute.He is involved in product planning for new Japanese-style living tools and household goods.
1998 Debuted the cat character "Kabamaru".

2007 Published an essay about Kabamaru's free-spirited way of life, a newsletter from a cat, "You can have fun as much as you laugh."

Hajime Okamoto calls his work "Japanese Ink brush painting pop art". It is an art work that incorporates the calligraphy that the artist learned through cultural exchange with Jilin Province, China, into a pop art pattern.
The traditional materials such as "Seven Lucky Gods," "Mt. Fuji," and "Maneki Neko," which have been drawn in Japan for a long time, are expressed as pop art.

All of these have been cherished by many Japanese as symbols of "happy" and "thankful" things. Along with a message from his material perspective, he entrusts the brush with the essence of blessing and draws it.

Recently, he has been constantly exploring and disseminating a new Japanese taste, such as the release of the LINE stamp "Cat's Kabamaru".

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