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Yoshimi Oka is a painter who is active internationally as a full-fledged Neo-Impressionist.
Expressing the atmosphere of Europe with pale colors, he transparently sees the scene he saw in 
the sketches drawn on the spot, overlays the feelings accumulated in his heart on the brush, and composes the screen with new values. The graceful colors created by layering the expressions of light and shade moisturize the viewer's heart and make them feel gentle. 

1945 Born in Fukuoka Prefecture

1969 Traveled to France, studied under Makoto Masuda

         Member of Salon National de Bozar, member of Salon des indépendants, 
         He is recognized by Société des artistes français, Le Salon, as being able to exhibit his
         artwork "without examination". Member of Salon d'automne.

1972 Salon des Artistes francais(Le Salon)Won the award

1973 Salon des Artistes francais(Le Salon)Won the award
         Salon National des Beaux-Arts Won the award
         Charles Cottet, Charles Cottet Won the award
1980 Salon d'Automne Grand Prix des Amis du. Salon d'Automne Won the award
2005 Recieved a decoration called the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon from
the Government of Japan

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