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IZUMI OHTA by Reishi Fukushima

Born in Gunma prefecture in 1949. He has been active in the name of illustrator Izumi Ota since his 20s, making use of the detailed art techniques he learned by himself. Since around 1977, his unique "super real art" has been exposed mainly in the advertising genre. 

Its amazing technique and perfection are a big hit. Since about 1980, his work has been introduced in various forms in domestic and foreign magazines, specialized magazines, etc., and his name has risen dramatically.

In 1985 and 1986, published an art work at the Tokyo Shimbun Art Gallery magazine exhibition. In 1990, he won the 33rd "Japan Magazine Advertising Award" Gold Award. In 1995, he was selected for the 5th Liquitex Biennale. In the same year, he won the Pacific Peace Arts Festival Grand Prize and the Opera House Art Show Award at the Opera House Art Show in Sydney.In 1996, he exhibited his artwork at the Los Angeles Art Show. In the same year, he made his debut in the art world with his real name, Satoshi Fukushima. With his amazingly detailed depiction, overwhelming expressiveness and composition, he expresses various subjects with precision, beauty, and immersive power far beyond photography and attracts attention.
March 1999 He exhibited at NEW YORK ART EXPO. With the motif of buildings and landscapes that are currently designated as World Heritage Sites, he is enthusiastic about creating themes

of their historical weight and the activities of the people who live in the area. In addition, he is also challenging the fusion of super real art and fantasy art. 2006 Announced print production for the Sea Breeze series.

Comments from the artist

I have been dealing with painting for 30 years as an advertising artist. My passion for painting has never changed.
The picture is calm and comfortable for the viewer, the universal circulation of sea waves on this earth where we live, and the blue that reaches beyond the universe. I am taking a paintbrush with the hope of regaining a beautiful earth without conflict.

Available Giclee Prints
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