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1930 Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in

1951  and 1952 Received the Nika Association Award

1952 He becomes a freelance designer.

1961  He became a lecturer at Nippon Designer Gakuin.

1979  He started making prints and held solo exhibitions in Fukuoka, Tokyo, Okinawa and Kobe.

1987  He received the Ministry of Finance Printing Bureau Director's Award at the National Calendar Exhibition.

1991 Solo exhibition at Fukuoka DADA.  Received the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Living Industry Bureau Director's Award at the National Calendar Exhibition.

1992 Became an honorary member of the Kyushu International Design Committee.

1996 Received a special prize in the category at the National Calendar Exhibition.

1967-2000 appointed to the Mitsui Trust Bank calendar for 34 consecutive years.

2007 Held a solo exhibition at the long-established gallery "Duoyunxuan" in Shanghai, China.

He passed away in 2008.

2012 Received the Executive Committee Encouragement Award


Hisami wrote : Beautiful forests, lakes and wildflowers heal people's hearts and invite them to a happy feeling. If the white horse that appeared quietly in this scene nurtures a beautiful heart with you, it would be great. I feel a great deal of joy.

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