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Nami Kozu graduated from the Faculty of Arts, University of San Diego, California. She then
fought in the United States and Europe as a professional tennis player.

On the other hand, she also started working as an artist, such as holding a solo exhibition of
sketches in San Diego.


She has a background of working for NHK as a news and sports caster after she returned to Japanin 1987, but her greatest love has always been in art. Her paintings are characterized by pure colors that do not seem to be in nature. If you decorate it on the wall of your house, it will
surely become a "window" that opens to another dimension, and will bring you pleasure and
comfort.In 1995, she was in charge of managing contemporary art exhibitions such as Milo and Clay held in Tokyo and Barcelona.

1998 NHK Educational watercolor painting class video appearance.

2000 Watercolor painting instruction at Nishimachi International. Azabu, Tokyo

2000-2002 Summer exhibition held in Karuizawa

2002 Solo exhibition at Orie Gallery. Kita-Aoyama, Tokyo

Exhibited at the 2003 Japan-France Contemporary World Exhibition held at Aoyama Spiral

2003 Solo exhibition at Orie Gallery .     2005 Kids Atelier Guidance. Aoyama, Tokyo.      Solo exhibition at Orie Gallery

2006 Exhibition of works at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.  Selected for the 70th New Production Exhibition.

2007 Selected for the 71st New Production Exhibition
2008 Exhibitions held at department stores such as Shinjuku Takashimaya, Shinjuku Isetan.

2014 Exhibition at Galley Mona, Azabujuban, Tokyo

2016 Established Lightscape Arts Co., Ltd.

Available Giclee Prints
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