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Born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1947. 
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Law

1975 Selected for the 4th Contemporary Western-style Selection Exhibition

1977 Received the Gold Award at the 6th Contemporary Western-style Selection Exhibition
Received the Honorary Award of Le Salon (French Artist Association) and recommended permanent members

1981 Exhibited at Mainichi Contemporary Art Exhibition, Exhibited at American International Art Exhibition
In charge of painting for "Ondine" sponsored by Shiki Theater Company

1984 A nameplate is embedded from the city of Rothenburg (Germany) to commemorate the restoration of the walls.

1989 Released jigsaw puzzles "Swan Castle", "City of Walls", and "Canal with Cathedral" from Central Hobby.

1992 Coverage of Germany etc. at the request of Villeroy & Boch (Germany)

1990-1995, First Jury member of the Contemporary Western-style Selection Exhibition

1996 Invited exhibition at the Nikkei Contemporary Art Exhibition (Era D Witness Exhibition)

1998 Toppan Printing Group publishes calendar "Europe of Impression"

1999 Published the calendar "European Roman" from Toppan Printing Group

2001 Published the calendar "European Promenade" from New Japan Pro-Wrestling Render

2004 Published in "Europe Walked by Painters" by Art Yearbook

2005 Mexico, Canada, USA, India, Australia, China, Southeast Asia and other World Heritage sites

2006 Opened "Yutaka Iguchi Art Gallery" (Kokura, Kitakyushu)

2008 Art Box's "World Heritage Sites Expressed by Artists" work published
2009 "Asahi Art Cooperative Zen" full length inauguration

2014 Giclee print series sold by Art Print Japan at department stores nationwide

2016 Held many solo exhibitions at major department stores nationwide, up to now

2018 Adopted for "Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd." calendar

2019 Solo exhibition and autograph session held at major department stores nationwide.

Available Giclee Prints
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