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Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1952.

He has been selected for each city exhibition such as Kobe, Nishinomiya, Itami, and for the Hyogo prefecture exhibition.
He has also held multiple group exhibitions in Osaka and Kobe, and many solo exhibitions in Kobe, Itami, Osaka and Ikeda.

He has visited many foreign countries to cultivate the spirit necessary for his activities as a painter. In recent years, he has released works in the gardening series, along with the Paris street corner series and the Southern France port town series, which have been well received by flower lovers.


Recent status from the painter

"I like exploring natural forests, and I draw landscape paintings from all over Japan. In recent years, I have been fascinated by the streets of Europe such as Germany, France, and Italy, and I want to capture the color, air, and heart of the city. While walking in the park between the productions of the works, I feel the beauty and vitality of the flowers, and I want to express them with my own sensibilities, so I am heading to the canvas. "

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