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Artist's comment "Just by looking at it, various shapes will draw the scenery in your heart. When you face things, if you accept the colors and shapes with ease, you will be filled with free air and the scenery will be revived in your heart."


1961 Born in Hokkaido Japan
1984    Learned of oil painting at Kanazawa College of Art and traveled to Spain
1991    Under William Xerra in Piacenza, Italy
1994    The 2nd Ryohei Koiso Grand Prize Exhibition
1996    The 3th Ryohei Koiso Grand Prize Exhibition,

            The 25th Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibitions
1997    The 26th Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition
2001    The 29th Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition
2004    The 39th Nicido Gallery Showakai Exhibition
2007    The 8th Ryohei Koiso Grand Prize Exhibition
2008    The 17th Shigeru Aoki Grand Prize Exhibition and Excellence Award
2017    The 5th Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition (Kawagoe City)
2019    The 6th Kura and Contemporary Art Exhibition (Kawagoe City)
2021 Solo exhibition at Art Fpr Thought (GInza Tokyo)

Currently lives and works in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Available Giclee Prints
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