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After graduating from Setsu Mode Seminar, Noriko Hata became a freelance illustrator.

She has been working on advertising illustrations, calendars, magazine illustrations, textbooks and children's books.


1995 Original painting exhibition by the Japan Children's Book Artists Association in Kawasaki.

2001 Original painting exhibition at Aoyama Omotesando.

2003 Solo exhibition at Aoyama Pinpoint Gallery.

2004 Exhibition of 4 people at Kanda Hi Gallery.

2003 2004 Charity Exhibition 'One Peace Exhibition' (Ebisu Gallery Maaru)

In 2010, she produced bindings and illustrations for Kazuko Narimoto's poetry collection "Apple Akari" and in 2019 Akiko Minematsu's poetry collection "With Grandma". 
She is also active in calendar illustrations.

Available Giclee Prints
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