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Due to Chie's original style of painting, she is widely regarded as a "painter of light".Her work, which heals people's stress, worries, and tiredness, is said to bring deep peace to the hearts of those who see it. She has a lot of support from brain scientists and doctors, and she has given several lectures at medical societies. Her "collaboration between her medical treatment and art" was introduced in many magazines, TV, newspapers, etc. and became a hot topic.


She has held numerous solo exhibitions in Japan and st abroad, including the Italian Contemporary Art Biennale, Paris, NY, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, and Mexico.
Many people visited her exhibition in Japan, and all her works were sold out immediately, which is overwhelmingly popular. She is also popular for her essays and music that spell out her unique worldview, and she has written numerous books.


She also continues to contribute to her society through paintings in disaster-stricken areas in Japan and in orphanages, schools and hospitals in Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. In 2020, she invested her private money to establish "Chie Art Elementary School" in Cambodia.

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