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Born in Osaka in 1927. He graduated from Kyoto University, is a member of the Academy of Arts, and receives guidance from Kunitaro Suda.

He founded the Nichifutsu gallery in 1952 and ran the gallery as an art dealer for the next 28 years. In 1977, he exhibited his first art work at the Hakujitsu fine art association exhibition.

1983 Solo exhibition at Hiroshima Sogo.

1984 Solo exhibition at Mitsukoshi Osaka store.

He had also held many solo exhibitions nationwide.

The Hakujitsu fine art association, which has been in business for over 95 years, is a place for research and presentation of art works created as the royal road of realism. Katsumi Tamada also served as a member of the association and the head of the Kansai branch. 

Deceased in 2007.

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