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Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1932. painter.
In 1948, he studied under Takehiko Miyanaga. In 1951, he was selected for the Nika Exhibition and won the Mayor's Award at the Odawara City Exhibition. After that, he worked for Heibon Publishing (currently Magazine House) for 13 years as an art director for "Weekly Heibon" and "Heibon Punch".
In 1979, he started serializing the cover design of "Weekly Yomiuri". 1980 He received the 1st "Modern Nude Exhibition" Encouragement Award. In 2000, he exhibited a landscape painting at the Ginza Museum of Art. In the same year, he published "Let's go on a trip with a sketchbook" (Kodansha). With a fresh style that spells out the tips of how to draw watercolors while interweaving the experience of sketching travel, it has gained widespread support from outside the genre of art.

His light and delicate watercolor landscape paintings have many fans. In 2002, he published "Watercolor Professional Backside Techniques" (Kodansha) and recorded a great bestseller. 2004 Published "Watercolor Professional Backside-PART-2" (Kodansha). 2005 Published "Drill Edition / Watercolor Professional Backside Techniques" (Kodansha).
He passed away in 2016 (age 84).

Kunimichi Okutsu said,
"Landscape has more than just visible. It teaches us that one is never lonely, but a part of great nature and a long time, and heals the mind. I I am enjoying a journey of watercolor landscape painting in search of peace. "

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