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Born in 1977, Issei Otani studied at the Department of Art Studies at Wako University, and is energetically presenting his works while drawing familiar existence as a theme.


He knows where to offer his works, such as music, fashion and hotels. The works produced with the opening of the Aoyama Grand Hotel are permanently exhibited in the guest rooms and corridors, showing a wide range of activities regardless of genre.


Issei creates paintings using acrylic paints and sprays. He has different elements of the West and the East, such as powerful depictions that emphasize subjectivity by distortion of objects, emotional expressions with vivid colors, flat screen composition, strength and weakness with rhythmic line drawings, and graphic expressions reminiscent of ink painting. Boldly fuses, and develops a unique world of work based on his own experience.


One of the characteristics of Otani's work is the awareness of "time" that he has cultivated through his music production. The powerful, lively and shining eyes of the characters and animals in his work rather foreshadow the end of life and arouse the complex emotions of the

viewer. The contrasting motifs of life and death seem to imply the beginning and end of all things, color suggesting life and the present, and lack of color suggesting the past. You can also see the musical dynamics that accompany the transition from part to whole, where the album = exhibition is established as one work while the music = painting develops individually. Like hip-hop, which creates completely new songs while sampling different elements, works based on the artist's own diverse experiences will always inspire the viewer and give a fresh impression.

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