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Born in Nagoya. She studied Japanese painting at Nagoya University Of Arts, and after graduating, she became a watercolor painter.

While continuing his organic life, she continued to draw organic vegetables and medicinal plants, and eventually became involved in many corporate advertisements and cover paintings for newsletters.She received the Illustrator of the year award from the JIA Illustration Association in 2007. Her work has also been adopted in calendars, art posters, giclee prints, corporate advertisements, etc., and is visible to many people.


In 2012, she was noted by overseas media as an introductory article was published in the prestigious French art magazine "Pratique Des Arts".In February 2016, her art book "Transparent Watercolor : Message from Plants" was published by Nichibo Publishing.

In addition to her life work of drawing plants, fruits and vegetables, in recent years she has challenged a masterpiece of fusion of contemporary and botanical that expresses her outlook on life, and depicts the reincarnation space of plants and life that goes back and forth between this world and the afterlife. She is also active as an instructor at the request of many people, and has been well received in the classroom unique to watercolor painters.

Available Giclee Prints
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