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Mitsuko Suzuki

Mitsuko Suzuki was born in Tokyo in 1930. She graduated from Musashino Art Academy Graduate School.

She is an officially certified artist of A.M.S.C., and she is a member of the Picasso Museum, a member of the Chagall Museum, and a member of the Salon Blanc Art Association.


She won the Silver Award at the Cannes International Honor Grand Prix in 2004.

2005 Received the Belgian International Contemporary Academy Award.

In the same year, her art book "Drawing Manyoshu" was published by Chuo Koron Kogyo Shuppan.


She said

"Painting, for me, is to put all of my heart into the painting, and also to make the people who see my painting feel at ease, brightness and enjoyment.
Whether I draw a person, a landscape, a still life, or a plant, there is no difference.

I always want to be one with the picture I draw. "

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