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Paul Klee

Born in Bern, Switzerland.

Paul Klee inherited the excellent musical qualities from his father, a musician and educator, and his mother, who was also

endowed with musical genius, and later played the Bern Symphony Orchestra,especially in the violin.

Klee has a great influence on contemporary art, leaving over 8,000 works in his life.He himself continued to be a unique entity that did not belong to any group.


As he said, "In my case, an abstraction with thought," his art was free to move back and forth between the abstract and the concrete.Sometimes it's a dream world, sometimes "a world that only children, madmen, and primitive people see", but Klee's expression never loses its bond with the visible world. They are purified symbolic symbols of what he felt in his experience. The music and poems he loved are inseparable and melding with each other at the root of his creation.

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