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Born in 1931.

1955 Graduated from Musashi Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture

1956 Engaged in design work at an architectural design office. He also draws architectural perspectives. After the architectural firm closed in 1995, he started watercolors seriously.

1999 1st solo exhibition "Scenery with Sumida River and Bridge" 35 watercolor paintings

2004 6th solo exhibition "Western style tour" 35 watercolor paintings

It has been 60 years since he moved from Kamakura to Kamimeguro. Toshio Owa continued to draw the transition of Meguro. He said that the reason for drawing was "When I was in Nakameguro Elementary School, my teacher praised me and I became fond of drawing." After that, he went to the Department of Architecture at Musashino Polytechnic Institute, and after graduating, he joined an architectural office and worked on drawing images of the completed building. He had been away from sketching for a while, but he began sketching again after the renovation work on the Meguro River that began in 1979. "At first, I started taking pictures to preserve the scenery, but I realized that there were many beautiful places, and I wanted to sketch the changing appearance," he recalls. And as he painted the landscapes of various towns, he became interested in local history.

For the Meguro Ward Local Study Group, he also worked on pictorial maps used for walking, and completed a considerable number of works in Meguro Ward alone. Toshio Owa's work is life-sized and warm, with the scent of life.

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