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Graduated from Nara Prefectural Nara High School.

Graduated from Yokohama College of Art and Design, Department of Plastic Arts, Painting Course.


1983-1990 She exhibited at the GEN Exhibition.

She was recommended by Kiayu and she won the Kanagawa Prefecture Gen Exhibition F Award.She won the Kaiyu Prize and she is recommended as an associate member

1986 Exhibited at the Women's Painters Association Exhibition

Since then, she has held 7 solo exhibitions, 18 participations in Machida's Morinokai exhibition, group exhibitions, and other exhibitions at Jyoryu saiga kai


Noriko wrote-
Beautifully blooming flowers.The flowers open their buds in the blue sky to express their individuality.
With the soft touch of watercolors, the momentary brilliance and purity were brought to life in the painting.

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