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Born in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (now Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City) in 1949. Beginning calligraphy at the age of five.

1968 Entered Daito Bunka University's Department of Japanese Literature for the purpose of studying calligraphy. Studied calligraphy with Ando Yoseki and Nanga with Masako Iida. Received various awards in the late 20s.
After that, she was absorbed in Issei Nakagawa's works and books, and was greatly influenced by his attitude toward creation. When she was searching for a new form of sumi-e, she encountered Luau's "Miserele" and the style changed dramatically.


In 1978, she retired from all the associations she belonged to and started creative activities to establish her own style of painting.
1979 First solo exhibition in her hometown of Shimizu. Her works are presented every year, mainly in the local area. (In this era, she draw using only "ink")


1989, Attracted by Ryusaburo Umehara's rich colors and free brush strokes, she first painted a rose piece using colors. First solo exhibition in Tokyo. After while, she holds solo exhibitions every year.

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