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In the 1980s, various motifs reminiscent of games and items that everyone was crazy about, popular movies and music were reproduced as homage works with collage. He creates a nostalgic new collage that makes you feel as if you are back in my room at the time.

Born in 1975.

Graduated from Chuo Art Academy.

Lecturer at Central Art Academy.

Illustration magazine The Choice 2001 award prize.
In 2003, he held a solo exhibition "viva!" At Aoyama Pinpoint Gallery.

Ginza Mitsukoshi The Gallery, Shinjuku Takashimaya Interior Art Gallery, Isetan Shinjuku Store Art Poster, JR Kyoto Isetan Art Gift Exhibition, and many other group exhibitions.
He is active in magazines, books, T-shirts and other goods with illustrations centered on pasted pictures.

Available Giclee Prints
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