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“marini*monteany” is the name of a Japanese artist unit of Tomohiro Noda and Mayu Shinozaki, a couple of illustrators based on Tokyo. They create one art work in the collaboration style: To complete one illustration work, Tomohiro draws animal characters, and Mayu does children. marini*monteany holds many exhibitions in the gallery, and also holds workshops in the museum and in the public space nationwide in Japan. marini*monteany provides illustrations for many books such as picture books for children in addition to producing their original goods with their illustration. Recently they set on wall painting for restaurants and nursery schools.

Picture books with illustrations of marini*monteany
●Caroline and John go to the funny woods
(Caroline to John henteko mori e iku / Published by Gakken, Japan)
●My first English with Mr. Robe 
(Robe-sensei to hajimet no eigo / Published by Komineshoten, Japan)
●The seasons of Fu-chan
(u-chan no Nippon 12 kagetsu meguri /Published by Le Petit Lizard, France )
●My “Tour de France” (Mon Tour de France / Published by Petit Lizard, France)
●Teddy bear’s teacher (Kumachan Sensei / Published by Komineshoten, Japan)

Available Giclee Prints
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