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Born in Hachioji, Tokyo in 1969

1987 Employed at a furniture repair workshop for antiques, etc. In 1996, he begins painting

In 2001, his work was always displayed in Atsugi Bipure Uchida Bookstore.

2003-2004 Special lecturer at an elementary school in Atsugi

2005 Exhibited at Masamitsu Gallery in Atsugi Saty

2006 Exhibited at Yokosuka Saikaya Art Salon. Exhibited at Atsugi Saty Masamitsu Gallery.

2007 Exhibited at Okinawa Ryubo Department Store Art Salon

2008 Exhibition at Shinjuku Takashimaya Art Gallery. Solo Exhibition at Gallery Space Kotonoha
2010 Solo Exhibition held at Yokohama Loft

2012 Held a solo exhibition at Galerie Moto (Hachioji, Tokyo)

2013 Exhibition of works at Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

Eiki Kawamoto Wrote,
The airship I draw, it's myself, or you're watching now. When you load up your dreams, hopes, expectations, anxieties, joys, sadness, and all that, and jump out into the big sky, take a deep breath in the relaxing time and air. And if you look around again, the world you are in may look a little different. I am drawing today, hoping that it will be useful.

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