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Born in Kobe in 1968. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 1991.
1999 Held a solo exhibition at a department store. Since then, she has held numerous exhibitions to date.In 2003 her atelier was moved to Nagano. She unveiled the ceramic plate "I love walking, not yet".2004 Illustrations were used in the 2005 calendar of Nippon Life Insurance Company. She unveiled the ceramic plate "Small Friend / Monkey".
In 2005, she held her solo exhibition "Look at the Dream World" at the JR Osaka Servis Gallery.

In 2006, she held a solo exhibition at the Mukuhatoju Memorial Hall. From 2007 to the present, her paintings have been used on corporate calendars by Exxon Mobil, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Nichirei, Maruigas and others. 2010 Held a solo exhibition at the Asahi Shimbun Headquarters 2F Concourse Gallery (hereinafter also held in 2011, 2012 and 2014)

Comments from the artist

A star called the Earth with a clear sky, vibrant greenery, a wide azure sea, an infinite galaxy, and a beautiful nature like no other. Children who live there and play innocently.

It is an irreplaceable property that nature has given us. I think it is our mission to pass on that property to the next generation of children, cherishing it so that it will not be polluted or lost.
And, although it may be a little off, I am drawing pictures on the theme of the earth, children, dreams, and hopes, hoping that it will be useful for that mission.I would be very happy if you could see my painting and feel something.

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