The original prints drawn by Japanese artists have been made into affordable Giclee prints.

You can enjoy the beautiful art that has not faded for many years, created by the technique of Giclee Print that Art Print Japan has cultivated since its establishment.

You can decorate your room with art works that give you peace of mind. How about living with such a little happiness?  We, Art Print Japan, will provide the best works to decorate your everyday life.

What is Giclee?


Giclee, also called digital lithograph, is a printing technique using the latest computer technology.Giclee means "spraying ink" in French, and unlike lithographs and silkscreen prints, it is characterized by printing without using a plate.


The original image created by the artist is converted to digital, and the ink is directly sprayed onto the printing paper or canvas without using the screen. By using pigment-based ink, which is said to have a light resistance of about 200 years, and high-quality German printing paper, you can obtain a finish with excellent reproducibility of the original image. High-quality prints with beautiful colors and vivid expressions.


Unlike poster printing, it can be said that another work of a form different from the original picture, which is created by the artist himself in collaboration with the print studio.





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